What does it take to get published?

Thank you for thinking about us at this important stage of your writing career, we promise to be with you and enjoy the journey while working towards the common goal of book publishing. With Indic House, you can get from manuscript to book publishing much quicker and easier than you might even imagine. We assign you an expert once you sign the contract with us who will help you out each step of the way and provide you the resources you might need to fulfill your vision for your book. It just takes simple seven steps. Let us take you there, right now.

Why do I publish with Indic House?

No comparable book publisher does what we do. We work in both languages, English and Bengali. We are with YOU – Always.

How do I get my work copyrighted?

As per statute, the moment you create your work it is automatically protected. You own the sole copyright on your work as the creator.

How do you submit your manuscript for publishing?

We expect to receive your manuscript in doc format and all the images in high resolution JPEG. Initially we advice you to submit the synopsis as indicated above.

How many books should you print?

You can print your book on Print-on-Demand (POD) system. The number of  books you expect to sell, or the number of books you want to print, will be printed. If your book becomes a best seller, we are ready to handle the extra demand with our unique printing facility to produce commendable quality with error free printing in quick time!

What about bar codes?

It is important to have a bar code on your book as most bookstore chains, even the small bookshops carry bar code scanning at the checkout register. You may not need this, however, we can discuss this further with you, if you so feel.

What is ISBN and why is it needed?

The ISBN or International Standard Book Number is a country-specific 13-digit number (previously 10-digit) used to identify uniquely a book or book-like product produced on an international scale. An ISBN is assigned to each and every variation of a book, be it hardcover, or paperback, even an e-Book by Indic House holds this unique identification. We will honor your book with ISBN.

What is the cost for the publishing package?

We have three convenient packages for you and these are all custom-made. The general idea is as follows. Please contact us for further details. e-Book conversion is always included FREE in the package.

Basic: We will help you in formatting and printing, once you submit your manuscript.

Plus: We will help you in formatting, editing, proof checking, illustrations and printing.

Executive: We will help you in formatting, editing, proof checking, illustrations, customize book covers, printing and post printing services as distributions, and book publicity. Your book will also be in our web portal.

NOTE: Prices vary based on packages based on the size and number of pages of the book/s with number of copies to be printed. Note, paperback and hard copy pricing are different. Illustrations and graphic designs can be provided as needed with additional cost.

What type of books are best suited for self-publishing?

The books which have a certain target reader group and an easily identifiable market are suited best for self-publishing. The most successful self-publishers are often those authors who know their target audience too well and are proficient in their field. Books without an appeal in the mass market are in very low demand with traditional publishers and hence in such a situation self-publishing may be the only path left for an author. Poetry and general fiction can also be suitable subjects for self-publishing. Children’s books aren’t very high on self-publishing list as they are printed and/or illustrated in special sizes and on expensive glossy paper. Hence these books cannot be printed in small runs.

Who is responsible for editorial content? Who decides the book layout and format? What's available with Indic House?

Your manuscript is a treasure for us and we will provide you our specialized editorial services to improve on the basic fundamentals of your book. Our copy editor will go through your manuscript line-by-line, correcting all sorts of grammatical and syntactical errors, if any. The passages in need of improvement will be highlighted and problem areas regarding phrasing and vocabulary will also be duly addressed. Minor structural changes after active consultation with you may be brought in to improve flow, clarity, and above all, readability. The author is solely responsible for the final content of the book. We will be happy enough to advise on individual titles, though the final decision regarding editorial matters rests with the author.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any work that is obscene, defamatory or offensive.


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