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My Ether Shirt with Anguished Strokes


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Ether cover

Alokeranjan started with a hermetic vein of transcendence and soon shifted to a tenor of immanent profaneness. The dialectics of this polar contradiction has formed an axis of his aesthetics. It was, however, in the wake of world-wide ‘catastrophes’ caused by the onset of the Gulf Wars that he decided to abandon his celebrated aloofness in regard to earthly phenomena and chose to spell out hermeneutical stances. Then and now he has been able to astound the reader with his mixture of everyday scenes and infinity never leaving the reader an opportunity to evade his poetical spell.

This book is a selected translation of some of his choicest poems rendered adroitly by the translators. With its brilliant aesthetic presentation, the book is sure to impress poetry-lovers.

You can get this book and all Indic House Publications at Dhansidi: 20/B, Surya Sen Street, Kolkata 700012.

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