Tales From India


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Tales from India

The stories chosen for this book, taken from the verse collection, Katha O Kahini (Tales and Stories, first published in 1908), deal with an extensive gamut of themes. From the humble offering of a poor gardener to the divinity (‘Priceless Gain’), the quest for divinity as one’s birth-right (‘Truth’), the royal compassion towards the poor and deprived (‘The Trifling Loss’), the humility of the king to serve his subjects (‘The Representative’), the union of a devotee with her master (‘The Devotee’), to the harsh realities of prejudice and superstition that take away all reasoning making the human devil’s prey (‘The God’s Wrath’)–the thematic variances abound.

Each poem as penned by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore has a subtle idea to convey, a unique storytelling expression and a deep soul-searching agony. We, at Indic House, feel truly honored to bring this treasure of Bengali literature to the world podium in prose form in English so that readers irrespective of language bar may savor the taste of it.

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