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We, at Indic House, offer editing, proof checking and indexing services in the domain of Indic Publishing projects. Remember, editing is an art as well as a science and we have only the very best and experienced editors in our team, who will understand your dream and help you to paint that dream of yours in words to make it a reality.

We stand behind our work—and our words.


Editorial Services: From Your idea to your book

Copy-editing: The main aim of our copy-editing is to remove any obstacle lying between the reader and what the author wants to convey.
Typesetting and Typing: Printing has come a long way from earlier typography. Typesetting your manuscript craftily is one of our main areas of keen attention. We use modern Unicode compliant mode of typing. Right from composing your manuscript to typesetting and preparing the page layout for your book, we do all for you.
Proofreading: Every author knows that in spite of the spell-checking abilities of modern word processors, a manual proof checking procedure is a must. With us, your manuscript will get the best possible assistance in making it error-free and grammatically sound, a complete masterpiece. Maintenance of utmost accuracy in this job is our forte.
Fact checking: Our team will ensure through its checking process that your manuscript is also factually correct. Our editorial team will “research” and check thoroughly the veracity and correctness of the facts in your manuscript to make your masterpiece an error-free one.



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Contact us at (91) 03324400184 / (91)03340015105

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You have done an excellent job. You picked up on all my corrections and haven’t missed a word. I must say you have done wonders with my book.  It looks so vibrant. Once again thank you so very much.

— Mridula Mitra Vyas

(Author: Frogster Loudmouth’s Tadpole Days)

Ira Ganguly 2.1

“Today, when I hold my book, I am overwhelmed. That is how I dreamt about it. My thoughtful editor recognized and made a wonderful package. The professionalism of the Editor of Indic House publishing, their knowledge and ability to give step-by-step guidance and direction is unparalleled.”

— Ira Ganguly

(Author: Nebula a Journey with Poetry & Art) 


“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Mrs. Sumita Basu of Indic House for publication of my autobiography. Every line of the writing and thought process was analyzed and made comfortable to read and understand with her fine editing. I am grateful for their sincerity and presenting the book in its present form.”

— Samir K Dutta. M.D.

(Author: Journey Toward My Destiny)


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Indic House Service Packages

You have worked tirelessly into creating your legacy and masterpiece, now take the professional help to publish your book in style. From your idea to book shelf, Indic House Editorial does it all. Our each project is unique and customized to fit your time frame and your budget.

Executive Package

  • All pre press services & ISBN
  • One to one relation with the IH editor
  • Press release & book launch
  • Cover Design & Upto 8 illustrations
  • Printed books 500 copies and eBooks
  • All marketing and sales support
  • Social media Support
  • Royalty upto 50% on MRP
  • View More

Plus Package

  • All pre press services & ISBN
  • Page design
  • Book cover design
  • Royalty upto 40% on MRP
  • 30 Complimentary copies to author
  • Printed books 250-300 copies
  • Choice of soft and hard cover
  • Limited social media support
  • View More

Basic Package

  • All pre press services & ISBN
  • Page design
  • Book cover design
  • Royalty upto 40% on MRP
  • 25 Complimentary copies to author
  • Printed books 250 copies
  • Soft cover
  • Distribution through
  • View More


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