Document Management


We offer a wide range of solutions in document scanning and data digitization services. Our cutting edge services using latest technology to cater to the needs of customers for quick and accurate conversion of hard copy data to soft copy data.

If you are one who faces challenges such as:

  • Old physical documents prone to damage and running risk of loss
  • Unmanageable state of paper stacks and files
  • Deficient storage facilities
  • Arduous and bothersome access to and security of information
  • Herculean effort in search of any old document
  • Effortful sequential processing
  • Troublesome transportation
  • Difficulty in operating on processing service levels

How we can be at your help:

  • identifying a suitable collection,
  • checking that the collection is in a fit state for digitization,
  • identifying the types of materials within the collection,
  • defining the user audience.

Vision – Scanning & Digitization:





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