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Reach every corner of the Globe, just by a Quick, Easy Click  & expand Your readership with e-Books, in Bengali & English Plus, Save the Planet for your grand kids and keep your legacy. 

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for all writers with Indic House as your partner…

At Indic House (IH), we create quality and compatible e-Books for Kindle, Nook, Windows, Tablets, iPads and what not. Now, e-Books are becoming a popular method of distributing books to global readers. Study says, nearly half of all books being sold will be e-Books by 2015. And, 2015 is at the corner.

e-Book Conversions for your Book: (in English & in Bengali)

Converting your documents into quality e-Books can be complicated but with us, we will help you navigate through the process of creating a professional quality e-Book that can be read on all devices. However, the most popular and commonly used ones are interactive PDF, MOBI, and ePUB.

We will perform a variety of quality checks to ensure that the results match your expectations in formatting and quality. You can also opt for our distribution network.

For sample e-Books in Bengali please visit: e Books

e-Books are Easy, Convenient, Fits your budget

We have remarkable experience in developing e-Books. Please do visit Portfolio section for our latest project with The Indian Law Institute (West Bengal State Unit ): The High Court at Calcutta 150 Years: An Overview in e-Book format

Our fees for producing an e-Book is based upon the complexity and size of the project. We do complete quality checks from Doc, Pages or PDFs through layers of checking and formatting to ensure that the feel and look of your e-Book is just as cool as a p-Book. Only your readership shoots up from 50 to 100% on your list. Please use Unicode compliant fonts for sending us your manuscript.

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