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At Indic House, we offer various Editorial Services (Basic, Plus and Executive) that suit your particular needs. To have a comprehensive idea about these services, we have noted the basic information below, however, the best way to know more about these services, is to CONTACT US directly. 


As an author, we urge you to know the basics of Copyrights:

The following frequently asked questions, pulled directly from http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/, pertain to U.S. Copyright Laws. For other country copyright issues, please check appropriate country website. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works, this is just for your information.


Editorial Services  at Indic House are comprehensive range of services, from copy editing to fact checking to proof reading till the marketing of your book on the lap of the readers. By reviewing and enhancing the story’s flow, clarity, voice, reader appeal, and overall organization, your write-up or your book should have the appropriate weight and quality, it deserves. This service also increases the readability of manuscript at chapter, paragraph and sentence level. You just write and let us do the rest!

Our Executive Package  cover all the tits bits of publishing, from Manuscript to Marketing. Our editorial team dedicated to you will work in tandem with you with their corrections, suggestions to make your work outstanding, without impinging on your idea or affecting your style of writing.

In the case you are confident of your work and style you can opt for our Basic Package.

If you are in between then go for our Plus Package

However, irrespective of the package you choose we will promote your book through our online portal at no extra expense. Of course you can always opt out of it.


The different level of services that we offer in this section:

Copy-editing – The main aim of our copy-editing is to remove any obstacle whatsoever lying between the reader and what the author wants to convey.

Typesetting and Typing – Printing has come a long way from earlier typography. Typesetting your manuscript craftily is one of our main areas of keen attention. We use modern Unicode compliant mode of typing. Right from composing your manuscript to typesetting and preparing the page layout for your book, we do all for you.

Proof reading Every author knows that in spite of the spell-checking abilities of modern word processors, a manual proof checking procedure is a must. With us, your manuscript will get the best possible assistance in making it error-free and grammatically sound, a complete masterpiece. Maintenance of utmost accuracy in this job is our forte.

Fact checking – Our team will ensure through its checking process that your manuscript is also factually correct. Our editorial team will “research” and check thoroughly the veracity and correctness of the facts in your manuscript to make your masterpiece an error free one.


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