Executive Editorial Package (English/বাংলা)

Executive Editorial Package
1.1 Retype/Composition as needed / Proof reading / Formatting / Fact Checking
1.2 Making book Print-ready with all required documents to Printers
1.3 ISBN assignment
1.4 Page limit 180 (pricing structure will vary based on number of pages and cover design)
1.5 Complete Editorial services from experts in the industry
1.6 We will follow Merriam Webster Dictionary for English (USA standard), and Samsad for Bengali.
Note: We take pride for one-on-one Editor-Author relation, as we believe we are pulling the cart in the same direction).

2. Press and Press Prep
2.1 500 copies (250 copies minimum)
2.2 Hard cover or soft cover (could be mix of both as well) copies with dusk-cover/ jackets with imprints (customized)
2.3 Cover design
2.4 Illustrations, (upto 8)
2.5 Binding (Paperback, Hardbound & Gel Binding).
       Options are: (i) Perfect (ii) Center Stitch
2.6 Any other photo or illustration alignment

3. Marketing 
3.1 Distribution through Indic House online store and other distribution channels
3.2 Distribution through various channels
3.3 We will send to all major libraries in India and we will also send to Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation for Government book purchase for libraries
(we cannot guarantee any sell from this channel, however, we will try)

4. Social Media
4.1 Indic House Facebook promotion
4.2 Book special Facebook promotion
4.3 Web update
4.4 Photo updates with cover story

5. Book Reading and Signing with combination of Book launch (# 6)
5.1 Only for Executive Gold Packages

6. Book Launch and Promotion
6.1 One Book Launch Event in Kolkata and one Overseas (Preferably Houston) included in the package (customized)
6.2 Book launch in another State can be done as well (customized with additional fees)
Note: This cost is separate as we do not know the details and it will be just the actual cost, bills will be provided as needed. We will assist and coordinate the author as needed and will provide upfront estimate for this.

7. Copies to Author and Royalty
7.1 Author will receive 50 copies (30 copies in case of 250 copies)
7.2 Complimentary copies for IH (for review and other reasons) numbering 30 to 50
7.3 Rest of the copies will be sold and the author will receive 50% of the printed price (MRP)
7.4 Royalty will be paid in Indian rupees to the author or his/her choice of any registered NGO, once a year.

8. eBook Related
8.1 e-Book in ePub or/and PDF format
8.2 Online distribution to all major e-retailers worldwide
8.3 e-Book royalties will be different and will be discussed in the contract
Note: e-Book Pricing will be different than p-Book

We will answer you within 48 hours

mail us at indichouse2015@gmail.com or
Contact us at(91) 03324400184 / (91) 03340015105


We will answer you within 48 hours (Monday-Friday)

mail us at indichouse2015@gmail.com or

Contact us at (91) 03324400184 / (91) 03340015105


Contact us at(91) 03324400184 / (91) 03340015105

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Mrinal Chowdhury

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“I am text block. Click edit button to change this text.
by Sumita Basu


“I am text block. Click edit button to change this text.
by Sumita Basu

Indic House Service Packages

You have worked tirelessly into creating your legacy and masterpiece, now take the professional help to publish your book in style. From your idea to book shelf, Indic House Editorial does it all. Our each project is unique and customized to fit your time frame and your budget.

Executive Package

  • All pre press services & ISBN
  • One to one relation with the IH editor
  • Press release & book launch
  • Cover Design & Upto 8 illustrations
  • Printed books 500 copies and eBooks
  • All marketing and sales support
  • Social media Support
  • Royalty upto 50% on MRP
  • View More

Plus Package

  • All pre press services & ISBN
  • Page design
  • Book cover design
  • Royalty upto 40% on MRP
  • 30 Complimentary copies to author
  • Printed books 250-300 copies
  • Choice of soft and hard cover
  • Limited social media support
  • View More

Basic Package

  • All pre press services & ISBN
  • Page design
  • Book cover design
  • Royalty upto 40% on MRP
  • 25 Complimentary copies to author
  • Printed books 250 copies
  • Soft cover
  • Distribution through Indichouse.com
  • View More


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